5.0 uF 125W Fan Coil Motor Three Speed 1000 – 1400 RPM Single Phase

Product Features:

1. Single Phase three speed motor with steel housing, designed for fan coil unit equipment.
2. High quality winding with excellent insulation and heat transmission properties.
3. Nice appearance, high starting torque, low starting current, smooth turning, low temperature rise, low vibration, low noise and great overload performance.
4. Saving Energy, higher efficiency.
5. Long life, Equipped with overheating protection, good Protection against Humidity.
6. Special motors can be designed according to customer’s requirement. Pure copper coil or aluminum coil can be chosen.

Main Advantages:

1. Material
a. Enameled wire is made of 100% pure copper, which makes the motor longer operation life.
b. Stator and rotator are made of 100% pure silicon steel, which makes the motor temperature rise lower in strict running environment.
c. All motor components meet with the international standard of environmental protection requirement.

2. Performance
a. Outstanding ODM and product matching ability.

3. Appearance
a. All shafts are processed through high precision computer numerical control CNC machine tools, this makes the shaft dimensions are controlled accurately; The shaft surface is treated with nickel plating to accomplish rust-proof function.

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