Air Cooler / Cooling Fan Electric Motor Customized Aluminum Sell 50Hz 2 Speed

ventilation fan motor

The motors can be customized according to the different voltages , freqencies and rotation speed .
performance characteristics Smoothing in operated,strong loading capacity,fast startup,long work times.
The quality is convincing, and the price is suitable. In addition, we can develop new products according to the customers neds.
We can the wire insde of motor are : copper wire , aluminume wire and copper wire mix aluminume wire . The wires is according to your reqeust !
The motors can be customized according to the different Voltage , Frequency and the rotation speed !


used in fan-coil unit of central air conditioner


High efficiency and low temperature rise:it can be optimized in design in accordance with different kinds of fan coil units,thus to guarantee the best match between air wheel and surface cooler;
Low noise and small vibration:being adapted international famous qualified low noise ball bearing,it makes motor long life and no need for more oil supplying;

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