Fan Coil Single Phase Asynchronous Motor Double Shaft Electrical

Product Features:

1. High efficiency and low temperature rise: it can be optimized in design in accordance with different kinds of indoor units,thus to guarantee the best match between air wheel and surface cooler.

2. Low noise and small vibration: being adapted international famous qualified low noise ball bearing, it makes motor long life and no need for more oil supplying;

Main Advantages:

Shaft diameter or length can be any as customers needs.
Stator height can be any from 10mm to 50mm.
Mounting holes size and distance can be any as customers needs
Brackets can be either metal or aluminum. Its height can be changed.
Motor rotation direction can be CW or CCW.
The motors can be customized according to the different voltages, frequencies and rotation speed.
We can produce enamelled wire by ourself, copper wire and aluminium wire.

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