4 Pole Outdoor 2 HP – 5 HP Fan Motor Copper Winding For Air Condition

Product Features:

1. Safe and reliable, low noise, good starting, long life, etc.
2. All our products pass the CE/CCC/ISO9001.
3. This motor can be designed and produced according to customers’ request.
4. We will send you some samples for your inspecting and reference.
5. Every motor is upon strict inspection.
6. Delivering goods on time.

Main Advantages:

1. 20 years fan motor manufacturing experience.
2. Competitive price, high quality with UL, CE & ISO9001.
3. Diameter 95mm, 120mm, power 15W-100W, 50/60hz, single shaft.
4. Top company position as Carrier, York, McQuay, Trane and China Midea, Gree.

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