880RPM Outdoor Fan Motor Replacement With 3uF Capacitor Operating

Motor Application:

1-2HP outdoor unit of split air conditioner
2-5HP outdoor unit of split air conditioner
Air purifier

Product Features:

1. Low Noise.
2. Steady quatlity.
3. Long Expectancy.
4. Large Wind Amount.
5. Imported equipment & technical assistance.
6. Low temperature rise and a strong adaptability to the environment.
7. 100% pure copper, aluminum motor can also be available if customer need large quantity.

Main Advantages:

1. Shaft diameter or length can be any as customers needs.
2. Stator height can be any from 10mm to 50mm.
3. Mounting holes size and distance can be any as customers needs
4. Brackets can be either metal or aluminum. Its height can be changed.
5. Motor rotation direction can be CW or CCW.
6.The motors can be customized according to the different voltages, frequencies and rotation speed.

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